“Good morning! My name is Brian from South Africa. I have been having a problem with my heart and stomach for the past five years. In addition to that, my gums started bleeding also. I’ve been managing the pain by self medicating but on Monday this week, things became worse. I felt dizzy and weak, like my heart was going to stop! I was lethargic.

“On Tuesday, my wife came into our bedroom where I lay on the bed. She said, ‘Let’s call the Prayer Line at The SCOAN!’ I hesitated but she was persisting. She made a list of about 10 numbers. When the 8th number didn’t go through, we almost gave up. She then dialled the 9th number and it went through!

“The Evangelist on the line told my wife to put me on the phone and he prayed with authority that I was healed and I agreed. It is now Saturday as I am writing this testimony and all the symptoms of the heart and stomach pain have gone! Thank You, Jesus!!!”