Dear Emmanuel TV Family,  my name is Mwisa Kabuo and I live in Canada. This is my wonderful testimony! Samuel, my seven year-old son, was sleeping on the couch on 30th April 2020 in our living room. The following morning on 1st May 2020 at around 7am, we heard him ‘sleep-talking’ and then even yelling in his sleep. When my husband came near to him, he suddenly collapsed and died! My husband started yelling and saying “Our son is dead! Samuel is dead!” I quickly got up out of bed, ran downstairs and started praying and crying unto God. I prayed: “God of Prophet TB Joshua – bring my son back to life!”

As I was doing CPR, my husband called the ambulance and then the police arrived. I then remembered to bring out my Anointed Sticker from The SCOAN with the words ‘Let Love Lead’ written on it. When I placed the sticker on him – after ten minutes without any signs of life – my son started to make a sound! As he was being taken to the ambulance, my husband placed the Anointed Sticker on him again and at that moment he woke up!!! When we arrived at the hospital, they conducted several tests but found there was nothing wrong  with him, so we came back home! Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua! I cannot wait to come and give more live testimonies on Emmanuel TV when I have the opportunity to visit The SCOAN!