Nothing has changed, from the day of our Lord Jesus Christ to this day with T.B. Joshua and, now, Pastor Evelyn Joshua! The spirit of God still moves and continues to perform wonders and miracles to the amazement of the Dark.

Our grandmother had suffered severe pain due to spinal cord disease called multilevel spondylodiscopathy for more than 40 years without any medical response.

The pain was indeed severe as she could not sleep nor find any comfort. We believed something else could be done to her predicament as all medical applications had failed.

While we watched Emmanuel TV on the 6th February 2022, as Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed and ministered the Anointing Water to a woman who had the same problem as our grandmother; she connected to the TV station in faith; that if it was possible for the woman on TV, she did not see why hers could be different. Her faith was strong and built on what she has been watching.

As she watched, prayed, and believed with an unshakable faith that she too could be healed, she felt a sensation like menthol go through her body, and, immediately she received her healing.

We know the healing was no fluke, as she has remained healed and continues to enjoy life to the moment.

“Emmanuel TV is not just your everyday television,” She said. “It is more than a TV station, it is a means for the spirit of God to move and to cause lot of positive and great things to happen, especially in the lives of those who believe and whose faith remains steadfast.”