Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Teddy Kizza from Uganda. For many years,  I have struggled with prolonged coughs. Whenever I got them, they would not go without taking injections. I would also get sporadic chest pain that were so severe that at times, I wouldn’t even be able to stand upright. Whenever i raised my hands, IK would hear a puffing sound inside my chest.

One particular day when the Interactive Prayer Sessions were ongoing on Emmanuel TV – particularly for COVID-19 patients – I touched the screen, even though I had no COVID. I felt a healing cold breeze through my nostrils all the way to the lungs. When I went to bed that night, I vomited blood! Ever since that encounter in September 2020, I have not had any chest pain! The sound in the chest is no more, I have not coughed – even when I interacted with people who had a cough – and I can take deep breaths as opposed to the shallow breaths I had before.

I thank Master Jesus for the deliverance as the situation had gone beyond just sickness. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for relentlessly praying for us. To all brethren, don’t give up when the situation seems unyielding; God is still saying something! Good Morning and Win Today!