My name is Abies and I have been watching Emmanuel TV for a long time now. My brother and his fiancé came to Holland where I live to visit me from Germany. On the night they came, my brother’s fiancé had a nightmare where she was eating in her dreams and when she woke up, she started having stomach pain. My brother came to call me and I gave her the Morning Water.

My brother also told me that anytime his fiancé was pregnant and she ate in her dreams, she would have a miscarriage because someone always fed her in her dreams. The following day was Sunday and after we finished eating, it was time for mass prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua. I called her to join the mass prayer and as the prophet started praying for the viewers, she placed one hand on the laptop and the other hand on her stomach. During the prayer, she started vomiting and was delivered from eating in her dreams. Since then she can sleep well, she feels light and doesn’t eat in her dreams anymore. Emmanuel!!!