“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Kashyap Ramesh Chavan and I am from New Zealand. The problem I had was that I was always harassed and tormented by the demonic spirit within me. This would cause me to be constantly discouraged and to feel so hopeless. I received a lot of prayer from ministries without finding relief. Then I discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua via YouTube! I received many miracles of deliverance by praying along with Prophet TB Joshua in Mass Prayer. After each prayer video I felt more and more free!

“The changes in my life include freedom from fear, childhood torment, and harassment alongside a newfound hope, a new prayer routine and gratitude to God. My spiritual life has been more strong in the sense I can trust God more and rely on Him as my Deliverer. It has brought thankfulness to the Father for His miraculous works in my life!

“My advice to other people is to pray in your heart to God along with the Mass Prayers and God will hear your prayers and act on your behalf to deliver you. God is faithful and Prophet T.B. Joshua is a genuine man of God! Thank You, Jesus!”