“Good morning! My name is  Rabiou Amadou from Ghana. I started fellowshipping with Emmanuel TV in August last year. That month I intended to buy Multi TV but the technician who came suggested I rather go for DSTV. One day I was scrolling through the channels when something said stop and I stopped it on Emmanuel TV where Prophet TB Joshua was preaching.

“My friends came and saw me watching Emmanuel TV and began to say all sorts of negative things but something within me said I should watch it, so I continued watching! Since getting connected to Emmanuel TV, my life started changing and I started watching it 24/7. I stopped going out with my friends to drink alcohol, smoke and fornicate. I could now start something and end it – which I couldn’t do before! I had spent four years doing nothing. But as I started fellowshipping with Emmanuel TV, I stopped smoking, drinking alcohol and clubbing.

“I was able to focus on my studies and have now passed my international Japanese language exams. I have also been able to purchase my own washing machine, home theatre, fridge, air conditioning and a new phone – all within one year. God is indeed with us!”