“Good morning! Emmanuel – God is with us! My name is Catherine Nkhoma from Zambia. I had a problem of ceased menstruation for more than 10 years. During these years, my period would come and go. Sometimes, it would be gone for several months. This problem affected me so much. My stomach was bloated, I felt tired easily, had heart palpitations and sharp pains in my lower abdomen. For the last six months, my period had completely ceased, so I decided to send a prayer request to Emmanuel TV.

The Emmanuel TV Team replied to my email that they were supporting me in prayer. I knew that the God of TB Joshua was in control! I was privileged to have an ‘Anointed Sticker’ which I placed on my stomach after I received the email response. Immediately I placed it on my stomach, I felt a very sharp pain in my lower abdomen! I knew that my healing and deliverance had come! Shortly afterwards, my period returned! At that moment, my joy knew no bounds; I was jubilating!

“After my healing and deliverance, I no longer feel tired when I am walking, the sharp abdominal pains have stopped and my bloated stomach is going down. My faith has been lifted up because of this!

“My advice to the world is that is that there is never a problem Jesus cannot solve. In the midst of your situation, remember that you have a Friend, the Holy Spirit, who can eliminate all your giants. Thank You, Jesus! 🙌