“My name is Nyasha Muchono from Zimbabwe. I visited The SCOAN in December to cross over into the New Year 2020. I left my mother Rosemary Mashonganyika in Zimbabwe – she was suffering with one sickness after another and was beginning to give up on life. She suffered from high blood pressure and severe headaches day and night. One doctor prescribed her strong medication for the headaches but then it caused her sugar level to go very high like a diabetic patient. She then developed some shingles on her chest and back and she was in terrible pain.

“When I visited The SCOAN, I put in a prayer request for my mother to be healed. I returned home and ministered the Living Water on her. Emmanuel! My mother is now healed! Her blood sugar levels became normal as well as her blood pressure. Headaches do not bother her and she is able to all normal things that were difficult for her to do before. Glory!

“Attached is her picture with my dad enjoying Valentine’s Day! I also came to The SCOAN praying for a friend Emmaculate Mbanga who was believing God for the gift of marriage. Just two ago, the bride price was paid! Glory to God!!!”