“Emmanuel! My name is Victoria, a viewer from Malaysia. While I was watching Emmanuel TV’s rebroadcast of The SCOAN Living Water Service from my country, I too received the Living Water by faith! I obeyed the instruction of the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, and used a cup of water to touch the screen. I prayed to God, ‘Locate me in Your mercy and favour!’ Then I drank the water and gave it to my family too.

“After I drank the Living Water, I coughed a few time and vomited some poisonous substance! To the glory of God – I felt the pain on my left knee leave immediately! Thank You, Jesus for the instant healing.

“After my husband Eric drank the Living Water, I discovered that the spirit of procrastination left him . He can respond immediately when I ask him to do chores and he now loves me more than before. Thank You, Jesus, for casting out the demon that tormented my husband and giving us breakthrough in our marriage!

“My 11 year-old daughter Evie was having constipation and stomach pain – but after she drank the Living Water, she went to the toilet and stooled immediately. All the pains left her! Thank You, Jesus, for healing her body!

“After my 8 year-old son Emmanuel drank it, I found that he is more obedient to us as parents. Thank You, Jesus, for all the wonderful and powerful evidences of healing and deliverance in our lives!

“My advice is that distance is NOT a barrier. Believe in God and believe His Prophet TB Joshua. It will be well with you. Prayer changes us, faith changes things. Hallelujah! Better is not enough, the best is yet to come. Emmanuel!”