“My name is Helena Mbanga from Tanzania. I could not read or write anything without using spectacles for over 20 years! As a teacher, I had a difficult time in preparing notes and marking my books and exams. On trying to get a remedy for my problem, I visited the eye specialist back in 1995 and was told to change my spectacles after every three years.

“It was purely by grace that I discovered Emmanuel TV. I stayed glued to it after seeing the wonderful works of our Lord Jesus Christ. To the glory of God, I received my healing by simply praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Something miraculous happened to me! After that prayer, I was able to read what was displayed on the television and when I took my phone, I was able to read my messages without using spectacles. I could even read my Bible without them! THANK YOU, JESUS!

“I can now read and write anything without using the spectacles to the Glory of GOD. In addition, my spiritual life has really changed! Now, I am even more closer to GOD. My advice to the whole world is – in whatever situation you are in, RUN to GOD and trust JESUS for solution! Emmanuel!”