“Good morning! My name is Reinfred Bakongme Balagumyetime. I am a Ghanaian. Last week, I was about to leave my home when I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my lower abdomen, so I had to lie down for sometime. The pain increased and it was unbearable! I called a friend to get me some pain killers from a pharmacy.

“I then remembered I had the Morning Water with m! I prayed with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV and then ministered the Morning Water into a bottle of water and drank it. Immediately, I vomited some poisonous substances with blood inside it. I knew God was at work but the pain was still intense, so my friend took me to the hospital. Various tests were carried out and I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I was given an injection to reduce the pain and asked to go back home. The pain was still excruciating!

“When I returned home, I managed to fall asleep. When I woke up, I realised the pain had completely stopped! I then went to the restroom and passed out dark urine with some stones in it. It’s been four days now and I am completely healed with no pain! The colour of my urine is restored to normal – with no stones! My advice to everyone is have faith in God because distance is not a barrier!”