“My name is Carolyne Maziya from Blantyre, Malawi. On August 1st, 2019, I was diagnosed with a fibroid and a cyst. I was so devastated! I cried and felt let down by God. When I reached home, I gathered courage to ask God to heal me. Then I turned my TV on and found Prophet TB Joshua conducting Mass Prayer. I prayed along whilst placing my right hand on the TV and my left hand on my stomach.

“The following day, a friend shared with me Morning Water to administer on myself. I took a little, drank it and the ministered it on my stomach. Later that afternoon, I turned on Emmanuel TV again and came across a certain woman testifying how God of TB Joshua had healed her from fibroids. My faith was encouraged and I believed God thad healed me in the same way that woman was healed.

“After seven days, I went to another hospital for yet another scan. I was told I had no fibroids or cysts. I cried and thanked God for what He had done for me. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for your prayers. I am healed completely. Emmanuel!!!”