“Good Morning and Win Today!!! My name is Mrs. Doris Uche Ihezue from
USA. My double testimony goes like this: On December, 2014 my husband had the privilege of visiting The SCOAN and by the special grace of God, he was blessed to receive the anointed Faith Bracelet from Prophet TB Joshua.

On April 15th, 2015, God Almighty used the Faith bracelet to deliver me from an evil spiritual husband that had troubled me since I was a small child. He would come to sleep with me in the dream and caused me to bed wet till I got delivered. This demon usually appeared a night before my monthly period starts to torment me and sleep with me.

Also, whenever I had an appointment for something good, it would come a night before that day to sleep with me to ruin my chances for success for that appointment. Sometimes, I would see it standing in front of me in the middle of the night.

So, a night before this special day, that spiritual husband tormented and slept with me as usual that night. In the morning, I woke up feeling dirty, horrible and irritated. That morning, I put on Emmanuel TV, then wore the anointed Faith Bracelet and prayed this short prayer: ‘Oh Lord, let Your will be done over this challenge that has lingered for too long!’

So, I laid down on the bed to rest and fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up and tried so hard to get up but I couldn’t as my body was stiff on the bed. Then, I found myself on the floor in a transformed body holding a hand known to me in that realm as the Holy Spirit and I felt a tremendous burning sensation all over my body.

At this point, my physical body was still lying stiff on the bed. Finally, after the burning sensation, what came out of my mouth was ‘Thank You, Jesus!’ Then I was given another white bracelet by the spiritual being known to me as the Holy Spirit in the realm who placed the white bracelet on my right wrist.

Today, by His grace I have remained delivered and free from this spiritual husband that has tormented my life for too long! I don’t see it anymore in my dream nor physically – like I used to in the past. No more bedwetting! Thank You, Jesus Christ! Glory be to the Lord our Father, Jesus Christ who used Prophet TB Joshua through the medium of the faith bracelet to deliver me from this bondage!

I will also like to add that I am a Registered nurse who works regularly with COVID patients but through the anointed prayers of Prophet TB Joshua, by the special grace of God, I have remained negative for this deadly virus even though a lot of my colleagues have contracted it and some didn’t make it. My husband is also a healthcare practitioner and all of us including our children are safe by the special grace of God and we truly give God all the glory!

We bless God Almighty for the miraculous works that He is doing for this generation through His servant senior Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel!!!”