“Good Morning and Win Today, people God! Our names are Nchekwube and Emeka Okafor; my two kids are Dubem and Chinelo Okafor. We visited The SCOAN last year July from Phoenix, Arizona in USA. The main reason for our visit was my 10 year daughter Chinelo’s asthma condition that started at the age of three months with food allergies. Since then, this asthma has prevented her from doing things she loved like participating in school sports and limited her food choices. At the same time, she used two different types of inhalers and also used a nebulizer when needed.

“Her allergies were so bad that she could not drink the normal milk or eat any food that contained nuts that was served in her school or whenever we went out as a family. This situation made her sad because she wanted to be like other kids of her age. As her mum, I was always afraid of her  experiencing an asthmatic attack, which one time took her to the children’s ICU. We were always carrying medication with use in case of an episode. This condition continued for ten years until we came to The SCOAN last year.

“When we came to The SCOAN, my daughter had the opportunity to be placed in the prayer line and after receiving prayer from Prophetess Yinka, her asthma and food allergies became things of the past. My daughter is now very happy! She is able to eat all the food given to her at school and at home. She now drinks the normal milk like any other child at her school and at home. She even plays soccer very well! Above all, for one whole year, she has never used any of her medications. We also went for her checkup at the Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute and she was cleared and told to only visit when needed.

“In addition to her healing, her academic performance is excellent. She is a straight A student in her school and by the grace of God she us going into 6th grade this fall. My family and I are grateful for all the attention from the man of God, down to the workers. We are thanking God for His mercy and grace on my daughter and the entire family. Emmanuel!!! Indeed, God is with us! Amen.”