Chijioke Nwoke from Abia State, Nigeria, based in Accra, Ghana, testifies to the healing he received after ministering the Morning Water and praying along with Prophet T. B. Joshua. 

“I woke up with pain all over my body and a nagging headache. I could hardly get down from the bed. Then I remembered that I have the Morning Water. I prayed with faith in my heart and ministered the Water in my mouth and on my head. I returned to the bed.

I always have Emmanuel TV on, even at night when I am sleeping. On the screen, Prophet T. B. Joshua was praying for viewers all over the world. Because of my condition, I couldn’t rise up to place my hand on the screen. I prayed along nevertheless. I had a 100 per cent faith that I would be healed.

After the prayer, I slept off. I dreamt the Man of God came to my house. Emmanuel TV was on, and he was listening to his own teaching. I walked up close and stood by him.

When I woke up, after about 30 minutes of sleep, I found that the pain and headache had disappeared!

I thank the God of Prophet T. B. Joshua for his mercy and healing in my life.