“My Name is Peter Hayombe. I started watching Emmanuel TV in August 2014. We have enjoying watching the services, testimonies until we looked for Kenyans who have visited.

We have been having financial difficulties as a family. Even when we were both employed as teachers we could not meet our financial obligations. All the money we earned we were not able to account and have therefore very little account for.

In April this year we applied to come to SCOAN and during the medical check up I found that my blood pressure was 170/130. This was very shocking and the doctors advised me to start medication immediately. We did not make it to SCOAN due to financial constraint. I did not want to take medication but finally after two months I started in June.

I would like testify the goodness of the Lord, my blood pressure is now normal at 130/85. In my dream Prophet T.B. Joshua touched me. I saw a bright light and my body felt like it was electrocuted, I saw a picture of my heart in front of me receiving current. This lasted a few minutes and I woke up thanking God for healing me. My wife reported to me that she felt like I had a nightmare and I told her I was touched by the man of God. Since that time by blood pressure is normal, glory to God through the prophet. I have attached a medical document to confirm the same.

Since that time unto now I stopped taking drugs in Jesus name.. Amen.”