“A Christian does not consider death to be his end but the end of his trouble, tribulation. Whether you die young or old, no matter the nature of death, death is sure to come. What matters is the grace to continue living hereafter. We need to be sure that we are ready to depart. Are you ready? Continuing to trust in God is the only way to get ready for the things we are not ready for.

The question you need to ask yourself – are you living each day as if it were your last? How are you using your life? I mean, how are you spending your life? Because the greatest way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive it. For instance, to love someone more dearly every day. When you look around you, you will see someone who is in need of your love, help, strength, time to help a wandering child find his way – I mean, to help widows, widowers, orphans, the less-privileged and unsaved, to follow truth – as blind men long for light.

To keep our heart fit for His holy sight and answer when He calls – this is our task. Let me leave you with a million words: Live each day as it were your last. Someday, you will be right.” – Prophet TB Joshua