“Good morning! My name is Langton Maranele from South Africa. My testimony goes like this: On 1st December 2019, during the Live Sunday Service at The SCOAN, my partner was there from South Africa as an international visitor. I always connect every Sunday with The SCOAN but I knew this Sunday was a special service for me as I connected by faith through my partner’s visit.

As the service was ongoing, I felt some sensations in my body that I have never felt before! During the Man of God’s Mass Prayer, I suddenly saw my partner manifesting under the influence of the Holy Spirit! At that moment, I also started feeling dizzy in my stomach. It reached the point where I suddenly had to rush to the bathroom where I started vomiting some yellowish substance with a very sour taste. I vomited a lot until I could feel nothing in my stomach! I knew my healing was guaranteed!

For six years, I had challenges passing out urine from my bladder – but after that divine encounter, I started urinating normally! I also want to testify that in 2013, during my visit to The SCOAN, I was healed completely from a stomach ulcer that tormented me from my childhood! Since then, I can eat everything normally – even very hot stuff. Praise God!!!”