“My name is Memory Chitalu Mtambo; I am from the Eastern part of Zambia. I have a wonderful testimony to share! For the past month, my body has felt strangely heavy accompanied by severe pain.

“So, last Sunday 27th October 2019, I was watching the Sunday service at The SCOAN live on Emmanuel TV. When Prophet TB Joshua was praying for the viewers, I decided to pray with him. He told us as viewers to “mean it with all our hearts” as we prayed.

“When I started repeating those words as the Man of God was saying them, I suddenly lost control of myself and fell to the floor. Immediately, I started vomiting this poisonous yellow substance and I saw blood coming out – right in my house! As the prayer was going on, I continued vomiting. I couldn’t control myself until everything came out!

“Since that deliverance, I have felt so light and all the pains in my body have gone. I slept well without having the difficulties I used to experience. I give God the glory for using Prophet TB Joshua to deliver me! Truly, distance is not a barrier as I received a touch from God through him while he was praying for us on Emmanuel TV! Amen!!

“Attached is the picture I took when Prophet TB Joshua was praying for the viewers where I vomited.”