“Emmanuel! My name is Mrs Ruth Sawu from Zambia. Glory be to God for what He has done in my life. Since I got married in November 2019, I was in excruciating pain on my right lower abdomen, my back and right leg. I could not bend to sweep or wash; sometimes I could not even stand or sit for five minutes. My husband did all the house chores.

“I felt so useless as a woman that I wanted to go back to my parents. In January this year, I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts on both sides of my ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease and urinary tract infection. I was put on medication for two weeks but the medication was not working.

“By God’s grace, we came into contact with someone who went to The SCOAN to give us some Morning Water. When he ministered the Morning Water to me, I manifested and started vomiting poisonous substances. After the prayer, my chest became light and I was filled with joy! The excruciating pain was gone and my strength was restored!! Glory be to God!

“I went back to the hospital and the scan results came out normal! Everything disappeared – the ovarian cysts, the UTI, PID – all gone! I’m now able to perform my duties as a wife in my home and believing God for the fruit of the womb. Thank You, Jesus!!!

“My advice is – no matter what comes your way in life, fix your eyes on Jesus Christ, believe and you will see His glory!”