“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Mavuto Zulu from South Africa. I am here to glorify God regarding what He has done for me through praying along with Emmanuel TV on the ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions’.

I had a problem of piles which I discovered when I was seventeen years old. Every time I went to the toilet to defecate, blood will always gush out from my anus. Later, I would always feel a burning sensation around my anus like pepper has been sprayed there. To relieve myself, I always took painkiller tablets but this didn’t change anything.

During last Sunday’s Interactive Prayer Session, I tapped into all the prayers being offered for the world at large and touched the screen of Emmanuel TV. The following morning on Monday, I went to the toilet as usual – but to my surprise, there was no more blood gushing out from my anus! It has totally stopped! Up to today, I have not had such an experience. I am totally healed! I am totally free from piles and all the pain they caused! Thank you Emmanuel TV Team.

My advice to the world is to have faith and always pray with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Thank you!”