“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Mr Rodgers Joseph and my wife’s name is Maria; we are from Tanzania. I got married to my wife in January 2019 but ever since we got married, we faced severe spiritual attacks during the night. This was a very big challenge for us and the situation caused my wife to get very depressed and even talk of ‘giving up’ on life.

We tried all means of find a solution to these attacks but none came. One day, by the mercy and favour of God, I started to concentrate on Emmanuel TV and pray along with Prophet TB Joshua as he ministered to viewers. By the grace of God one night I dreamed and saw Prophet TB Joshua touch me. Immediately in that dream, I fell down and saw a very strong light – so strong that I couldn’t even look into the light. After that dream,  I woke up and felt very light – just like a baby! A few days later, I dreamt again where Prophet TB Joshua gave me Living Water, which I drank and also fell down.I then saw him also pour the Living Water onto my wife’s body.

Ever since then, my wife and I are completely delivered! No more evil attacks! No bad dreams! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Man of God and the Emmanuel TV Team. My advice to the whole world is to trust in Jesus’ name and always pray along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV and keep our hearts busy with prayer as he teaches. Thank You, Jesus, for how You are using Prophet TB Joshua to heal people all over the world, including us! God bless Emmanuel TV! God’s time is the best!”