“Emmanuel! People of God, good morning! My name is José Adams. I’m from Sokoto State, Nigeria. The problem I had in the past was that of a strange woman who used to come to me in my dreams and sleep with me. I would wake up and find myself wet.

“This has affected everything about my life – my faith, my spiritual life, my football career – everything! Whenever I woke up from such nightmares, I used to get very, very angry. I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua after watching Emmanuel TV and believed that God would locate me in His Mercy. That night while I was sleeping, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw Prophet TB Joshua come out to lay hands on me. He said, ‘You are free!’ At that very moment, I was happy! I woke up immediately and still felt that same sense of joy.

“Since that encounter, this strange woman that had been tormenting my life vanished! I haven’t seen her again in my dreams since the night the man of God delivered me! Glory be to God! Now, my spiritual life has totally changed! My faith is back, I meditate on the Word of God and I can go through Scriptures now. Glory be to GOD! My advice to viewers all over the world is that in whatever situation you are in – believe, pray and have faith! GOD will surely answer you in His time! Emmanuel!!!”