“Emmanuel! I am Aromo Patricia from Kenya, 23years of age. I want to share with you what God has done for me! I was sexually harassed while young and this resulted in bitterness, anger and hatred for men. I later developed interest in women and became a lesbian. This happened when I was in high school. I could have sex anytime, anywhere with a person I never knew – even up-to date. This really affected me spiritually, academically and socially. I was never free. My self-esteem was so low because of the sex I had while unmarried with people I didn’t even know.

“One day, I came home and my mum welcomed me by showing some of the deliverance clips from SCOAN. I got interested, watched and began to follow the services. I switch on Emmanuel TV and found Prophet TB Joshua praying for those watching! I prayed along with him with one desire in my heart, that I would be delivered from lesbianism and this spiritual husband which tormented me in my dreams. And yes!!! It happened – just like that!
Since then, I don’t have that urge to love women, have sex or watch pornographic movies. I am delivered!!! My advice is for us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Thank You, Jesus!”