Emmanuel! My name is  Solomon Baah Onwona. I am a Ghanaian living in South Africa. I left Ghana to South Africa in 2005 after the death of my father and the pain inflicted on me by my extended family. As a result of this pain of the past and bitterness, I started drinking alcohol heavily. It was so bad that I could buy alcohol worth R2000 on the spot. I was even given the mock name JACK because of the gravity at which I was drinking Jack Daniels Whiskey! Throughout this period, I faced stagnation in my career and I also tragically lost my lovely daughter.

“By God’s grace, I came into contact with Emmanuel TV in 2012! As sceptical as I initially was about it, I began to study it and realised a change begin to take place almost everyday. I eventually got glued to the station, watching it everyday and praying along with Prophet TB Joshua. Amazingly, I stopped drinking alcohol without going through any rehabilitation! I became free! I started looking for my half siblings and my paternal uncles – whom I had always planned to go back to Ghana and shoot – to reconcile with them after more than 10 years of division.

“After this, God started opening doors for me:
1. In 2016, I got the certificate for a course that I started in 2006 but was unable to finish because of lack of focus and finances.
2. In the same year, I got 3 paralegal certificates:
I) Business Law
II) Civil Litigation
III) Will and Estate
3. I opened a big clothing shop.
4. I was nominated the best teacher in my district.
5. I was invited by the Rich Varkey Foundation to participate in a Global Best Teachers Award

“I went on to become an Emmanuel TV Partner and as soon as I got my New Good Morning Sticker, God prompted my spirit to start my own extra tuition centre – which I did! GLORY BE TO GOD for using His humble servant Prophet TB Joshua to deliver me and bring favour into my life! Thank you, man of God, and Emmanuel TV Partners – you’re really changing lives!”