“Emmanuel! My name is Lynet Omuwaka from Kenya. My problems with alcohol addiction started when my husband left me for another woman. I was jobless, uneducated and struggled to move on with life as a single woman. During that period, I was introduced to alcohol – thinking it would help me to cure my stress. For 13 years I could not sleep without alcohol! My corner unit was full of all types of whisky and alcohol.

“One day in February 2017, I was full of stress because of a hospital bill I needed to pay for my aunty who passed on. It was the deadline for me to pay it, so I decided to drink to ‘heal’ my stress! When I got back to my house, I found my TV on Emmanuel TV and Prophet TB Joshua was praying for the viewers. I went straight to my TV and touched the screen. That moment, I felt a strong sensation run from my right hand through my neck veins into brain and found myself on the floor!

“When I came to my senses, I found myself a free woman and fresh looking! Since that encounter, I didn’t even want to smell alcohol! I removed all the bottles from my house. The same night, I was given an amount of money which I used to clear the hospital bill! I thank God for using the man of God Prophet TB Joshua to locate me! That same year, I travelled to The SCOAN and received my complete deliverance through the ministration of the New Morning Water on August 6th 2017. I am now a happy woman and completely free from this alcohol addiction for over two years! Thank You, Jesus!!!”