We are happy to introduce you to an exciting programme on Emmanuel TV – ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier: Interactive Prayer Sessions’. 

God has given us this grace after so many e-mails, phone calls and text messages from people requesting prayer. God has given us the grace to see you face to face! Nothing makes it different from being at The SCOAN and receiving a physical touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Distance is not a barrier to God’s power because He is Spirit. Indeed, God is more majestic in distance. You will witness what you see on Emmanuel TV during the services at The SCOAN – and even mightier things because God is more powerful in distance. You will witness people manifesting, vomiting poisonous substances, falling – as God wills – plus the wonderful testimonies they will be sharing after their encounter.

We know the question going through your heart right now: How can I join the Emmanuel TV Interactive Prayer Sessions?