“Emmanuel ! My name is CSP Ezekiel Ibrahim; I am a Chief Superintendent of Police, serving in The Nigerian Police Force. I was recommended in August 2017 for special promotion on spectacular performance to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police – but due to envy, it was not processed or effected.

“However, when Senior Prophet T.B.Joshua was recently prophesying to all viewers that promotion in their career, finance, health had been restored in Jesus’ mighty name, I took a copy of the recommendation for my promotion that was kept aside and placed it on Emmanuel TV while the prayer was ongoing. After the prayer and deliverance, I went to my office and – behold, an order was issued that the recommendation for my promotion be processed and effected immediately. By God’s grace,  I was promoted to the Rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police! Emmanuel – God is with us!

“I believe that this deliverance has brought total restoration in every department of my life and my family. Prophet T.B.Joshua is a true Prophet of The Almighty God. and The Synagogue Church of All Nations is a real Bible teaching church. Indeed, distance is not a barrier; just believe!”