“My name is Charles Manchey Puplampu, a Ghanaian. I visited The SCOAN in July 2017. Before going to The SCOAN, I was having a lot of challenges. I was an alcoholic, a womaniser, a smoker and my business had crumbled. I had no money to take care of my family. Because I lost my business and had no more money, all those who I normally went out with and even helped in their times of their needs had left me without even a call to check on my family.

“I had these friends who are doing very well in their business but anytime I asked them to borrow me money to reorganise my business, they would turn me down. My rent expired, I owed for two extra years and my children couldn’t even go to school because of no school fees.

“I sat in my sofa with my children around me and I was meditating on these exact words – ‘NO ONE ON THIS EARTH CAN HELP ME EXCEPT GOD!’ Immediately, I moved to my bedroom on my knees and I prayed. I returned to the hall, sat in the sofa and after a few seconds, I fell asleep.

“I had this dream where I saw myself in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on the altar – I mean, the mountain of prayer. I saw a white man wearing a white robe with a long beard. His hair was like cotton wool and He sat on a king’s chair with a crown on His head, holding a very big book. Before Him there were a lot of angels. They then changed my black clothes to a white one just like theirs.

“When I woke up, I immediately took my phone and called a long-time friend who is a partner to Emmanuel TV. After I met this man, he gave me money to pay my rent and the children’s school fees and sponsored my trip to The SCOAN!

“After my visit to The SCOAN, up until now, I have never tasted alcohol, smoked or womanised! By God’s grace, all those debts with court threats have been cancelled! I thank God for saving me, my family, paying my debts and restoring my business! Praise the lord! EMMANUEL!!! Indeed, JESUS is my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Healer! He is my all! Without Him, I would fall! Thank You, JESUS!”

Here is the testimony of another lady who also had a Heavenly encounter with Jesus Christ at The SCOAN, despite her initial skepticism: