“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Margaret Oben from Cameroon. I want to testify this early morning of God’s mercy in my life! For some weeks now I have been having severe pain in my wrists, especially my left wrist. This came about as a result of e-learning. I am a teacher by profession and with the lockdown, we had to continue our classes online. This meant spending so many hours online, either on my phone or my computer.

The pain was so severe that I could not lift anything for fear of causing further strain on it. Carrying my baby nieces was also a problem for me. To relieve the pain, I would perform all types of massage therapies on my wrists to no avail. Even while sleeping, I was conscious about how I placed my hands on the bed so as not to hurt them again.

This early morning at about 6:30am, I went to YouTube and saw “Interactive Prayer Session 1” on Emmanuel TV. I quickly clicked and joined the prayer. When Prophetess Yinka came on, a lady from Costa Rica complained of many things, including wrist pain. Immediately I connected! As the prophetess began to pray, I laid my wrists on the screen of my phone.

Ha! Before I knew it, things were getting better! When Prophetess Yinka said, “I declare you are healed,” I said “Amen!” and began to move my wrist. To the glory of God, not a single pain! Finally! I can do everything I want; praise God! I thank God for SCOAN. I thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and the whole Emmanuel TV Team. Freedom is my name! Thank You LORD, JESUS CHRIST!”