“Good morning! Emmanuel!! My name is Nothemba Maureen Sogayise from South Africa. I suffered with an enlarged thyroid gland. Medically, the condition was known as ‘thyroiditis.’ It is a very scary disease as it can lead to cancer. After being diagnosed, I immediately began praying against it because I saw another lady with the same problem who eventually developed cancer that spread all over her body.

“On 13th October 2019, I watched The SCOAN Sunday Service and there was a sister who received deliverance from a demon that confessed it gave her sicknesses including cancer – pointing to her throat. I thought about my enlarged thyroid gland that was causing extreme problems like severe loss of energy. When Prophet TB Joshua was praying for her, I prayed with him that my case must not escape the hand and the grace of God!

“I remembered the prayer TB Joshua offered: ‘Lord Jesus, I know You are my Saviour – whether You save me or not! I know You are my Healer – whether You heal me or not. I know You are my Deliverer – whether You deliver me or not! I Know You are my Redeemer – whether You redeem me or not.’ I prayed using these prayer points for the whole week as I watched Emmanuel TV day and night.

“Then, on 23rd October 2019, I offered this prayer: ‘Lord Jesus, Son of David, let Your mercy fall on me! Let Your mercy and Divine favour speak for me! Locate me Lord when You heal! Locate me Lord when You deliver! I know I’m a sinner! I ask that Your Divine favour should rescue me by taking more of me and giving me more of You!”

“I further asked in my prayer that the Lord should operate on my thyroid gland as He uprooted the cancer planted in the throat of that lady I watched on Emmanuel TV. I touched the screen and declared that I was healed as well. I immediately felt something happening in the gland as if that area was pierced by needles! This led to my left ear being painful. This happened between 23rd and 24th October 2019. I then began to check myself by pressing where the lump was. Previously, it was as big as the size of a sugar bean although whereas it should just be the size of a grain of sand. To the glory of God, the lump had disappeared! The thyroid had returned to the right size, meaning that it was operated by God Himself!

“I have seen God doing things that no man has ever done through His anointed servant Prophet TB Joshua to the multitudes far and wide. I can personally testify that He has done what no man can do to change my life, to uproot generational curses, career stagnation, afflictions and whatever satan had planted in my life and family! Truly, God is not a man that He can lie; He is trustworthy and faithful!

“I now have renewed strength to do all my house chores like cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry. I no longer have problems with my bowel movement! Apart from physical healing, my spiritual life has also grown through Emmanuel TV. I heave learned to meditate on the Word daily and I use all the wisdom and prayers given in every sermon on Emmanuel TV.

“People of God, distance is NOT a barrier. Use your faith to put a demand on the anointing and Christ will see you through. What He has done for me, He will do it for you! There’s no sickness He cannot heal and no no disease He cannot cure!”