“Good morning! My name is Mr Evans Edugie. When I got married to my wife, we tried to have a baby but for over four years, there was no pregnancy. This was a very big challenge for me and sometimes I asked myself if she was truly my wife or whether it was a family issue? We were both worried about it. We tried all sorts of traditional mixtures and we went to the doctors where medical results revealed I was having a low sperm count.

“When I discovered this, I felt all hope was lost and decided to seek more of God. I heard about The SCOAN and decided to visit to receive prayer. By God’s grace, I was prayed for on the prayer line with my wife by the man of God Prophet Tb Joshua. That same month, she became pregnant! That same year we had our baby in USA! We relocated finally to Canada where we are now living peacefully. To the glory of God, our son is doing great and he will be four years old by May 2020.

“My advice to the world is to trust to in the Living God! I thank God for how He is using Prophet TB Joshua to heal people all over the world. God bless The SCOAN forever! Emmanuel!!”