Out on a walk, he wanted a girl he could spend the night with. Instead, he found one with an Anointing Sticker from The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)! The encounter marked a turning point in his life.

My name is Njoku Anayo Wisdom. I am from Imo State, Nigeria, but I live in Ghana. I started smoking since I was a child. I tried all I could to stop to no avail. One day, as I walked at night, looking for a girl to sleep with, I met Vida. The lady was a total stranger to me. I asked her to get me some tea, bread and fried eggs. After she had brought them, she asked why I wasn’t afraid to make such request from someone I had never met before. ”I don’t fear death,” I answered.

Moments after, I asked her to be my girlfriend. I began to make suggestive remarks to her, hoping I could have her for the night. She said that although she liked me, she wouldn’t lie with me. At this point, she produced a Sticker and drew my attention to the image on it.

”Do you know this man?” she asked.

”I don’t,” I replied.

”He is a prophet of God from Nigeria,” she said.

“I am a Nigerian, but I don’t believe in any pastor or so-called church people. They are fraudsters,” I said.

She then narrated how the spiritual husband she often saw in her dreams stopped appearing, when she began to use the Sticker, and introduced me to the Church.

In December 2013, I visited The SCOAN. That journey ended my 16-year habit of smoking. I also thank God, He delivered me from a spirit of lust. He gave me a beautiful wife, and money to begin plans for my own house. I named my baby boy, Breakthrough. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all these blessings. Emmanuel!