“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Artur Kovalyshyn and I live in the USA. The problems that I had were lust and misusing my phone. These problems made me waste a lot of time and do many sinful things. They always made me feel extremely sad but I never told anyone about them. I have tried quitting on my own but I wasn’t able to; these problems were basically addictions. Fortunately for me, I began watching Emmanuel TV on YouTube and reading the Bible. After watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with Prophet TB Joshua, the problems just disappeared! I thank our Lord, Jesus Christ, for saving me, delivering me, and healing me. Glory be to God! After this amazing miracle. my life changed completely. The problem of lust that I had, which made me sin a lot, is completely gone. I have also stopped wasting my time on playing games and watching bad videos on my phone. Now my life is full of joy and happiness, and I want to live my life for God.

“I also want to mention that I did not send my testimony after receiving this miracle because I didn’t want it to be public. Recently, when I was reading the Bible, I read about how Jesus healed the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19). It really grabbed my attention how only one of the lepers came back to glorify God, but the rest of them did not. This really made me feel bad that I didn’t give my testimony after I received my miracle, and so this is why I decided to write this. Thank You Jesus!”