Good morning my lovely family. I’m Annastancia Akoth Ochieng from Kenya. I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua and his efforts to pray for the whole world tirelessly.

Here is my testimony. I have a small school that I’m running. Despite the challenges, this is what my siblings, my family and my extended family and friends depend on. However, I would take the money made at the school to drink alcohol with my friends every day. As long as there was some collection of money, what I saw was an opportunity to drink beer! By the end of the month, I would have to go for a small loan to top up and pay my employees. This has been my life!

So, one day I had a hangover. My body was aching along with my head because I had been partying. I decided not to go anywhere, As usual when I’m in the house, I would watch movies from channel to channel. On this day, I was flipping throughout the channels when I came across a channel where people were vomiting, others were confessing strange things and some people were even fighting the ushers in church!

I asked myself if this could be true or it was just a trick being played by the pastors. Then I continued watching until I saw it written on the screen – ‘touch the screen’. I did as instructed and prayed with the man of God Prophet TB Joshua! Immediately, I felt like vomiting! I went to the sink and some strange saliva was oozing from my mouth.

In the afternoon, I went to a restaurant to take my dinner and planned to get a bottle of beer as usual – but it never happened! I went and ate, then took passion fruit juice and came back home. On reaching home I asked myself how I forgot to take a beer! The following day, I forgot again! And until now, I have forgotten about drinking alcohol.

Ever since then, Emmanuel TV has become my number one channel!  I’m now even preaching to the parents in my school about it, as well as to my relatives and friends. I have also been privileged to visit The SCOAN, which has brought about great changes, especially in my school business. Good morning! Emmanuel!!