“My name is Okoro Jane, based in Lagos State, Nigeria. I want to testify to what the God of Prophet TB Joshua did for me through the medium of Morning Water on Friday 24th May 2019. My little daughter, who is just one year and eight months old, swallowed a big metal nut. I was so afraid that it could cause serious damage to her body but something told me that since I have Morning Water with me, I should spray it in her mouth and put my trust in God. When I went to The SCOAN on Sunday 26th May 2019, a man gave testimony of his son who swallowed a key and the boy passed the key out through his faeces after the ministration of Morning Water. My faith grew and I prayed in the area of liberty that God should do the same for me! Upon getting home, my daughter told us that she want to the toilet and – lo and behold – the nut came out! Emmanuel!!! I have attached the picture of the metal nut and my daughter who swallowed it. Indeed, The SCOAN is the place to be! Thank You, Jesus Christ!!!”