“Good Morning and Win Today! I have been struggling with my weight since I was young. I couldn’t stand or walk for long, always experienced shortness of breath and was extremely lazy. I had tried several gyms and diet plans but it was to no avail.

I wanted to go the surgical way (liposuction) to lose weight but I was advised to stop because it would cause future damages. I even went as far as contacting spiritualists from Ukraine (where I resided at that time) and South Africa to ‘lose weight fast’ but all that was futile. I was literally a glutton. For example, I could eat jollof rice with chicken now, the very next minute I could eat poundo yam and egusi and if someone offered me pizza right after that, I’d gladly take it.

Because this weight affected my self esteem, I would always make sure I dressed up nicely, wearing makeup, fixing nails & eye lashes to cover up the real challenge I was going through. Then in March 2013, my dad passed on and some of my Friends came to pay their condolences. I am ever so grateful for the lives of Dr. Paul Evans Ndabiah and Dr. Usiwoma Ataikiru for allowing themselves to be used by God to bring about this transformation; I’ll forever value them!

Dr. Paul introduced me to Emmanuel TV and gave me the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers to pray with because I wasn’t close to God at all. I partied, smoked weed, drank, slept around with different boys and frankly speaking, I didn’t see anything wrong with what I did because I thought it was ‘part of life’ growing up as a young lady.

Prior to this time I was also addicted to eating chalk for more than 15 years (both the blackboard ones and the stones that pregnant women take in the east popularly known as ‘nzu’ in Igbo language). I ate it so much that I developed anaemia when I went for a routine check-up. I would order for it online or ask people who travelled to Nigeria for holidays (because I was pursuing my medical degree in Ukraine) to bring some for me.

So, I administered the Anointing Water and noticed my tongue had a tingling sensation but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Days passed and I recalled I hadn’t eaten any chalk ,so I went to take some and to my greatest surprise, a bondage of more than 15 years had been broken! It was so disgusting I literally threw up and from that day till today, I’ve never eaten it let alone had the urge to eat the chalk. Glory to God! Even when my mum came visiting in 2015, she was surprised I didn’t ask her to bring it when coming but she did anyway. I threw it away and she was surprised because she knew I really liked it.

Fast forward to 2016 when our Daddy in the Lord, Senior Prophet TB Joshua, gave us the anointed message from God about the water therapy. He told us to do this and we would see results. I embarked on this journey from January and before June, I had lost more than half of my weight and have maintained it till date (I used to be 120kg and now I weight 63kg). People who see me now can’t believe their eyes because they’ve always known me to be big and when I tell them I did no exercise asides water therapy they find it hard to believe.

I believe strongly in the water therapy because it made me aware of my body – what it likes and what it doesn’t like. The water therapy cleansed me entirely – spirit, soul and body. It affected all areas of my life. I no longer party, smoke or drink from 2015 till date. I can pray and fast the more, meditate on God’s Word the more – because I no longer sleep for long because of the plenty food I would eat.

The hours I used to use to sleep has now been translated into studying the Word of God, prayer and meditation and I greatly thank God of Prophet TB Joshua for the woman I’m becoming by His Grace. Thank You Jesus!

My advice to people listening/ reading my testimony is that they should be encouraged that distance is not a barrier to the move of God. No matter how far gone you think you’ve gone, it’s never too late to run to God and not away from Him! Since I started watching Emmanuel TV, my life has changed completely. May this testimony strengthen your faith in Jesus! Emmanuel! Keep watching Emmanuel TV. Good Morning and Win Today!”