My son had lost his sight, and I panicked because I did not know what was going on and how it happened.

The Prophet had always maintained that ‘Distance is no barrier to receiving the blessings, healings, mercies and the provisions of God’, so, I keyed into this with absolute faith and the belief that my son would regain his sight.

I decided to download an old Audio Prayer clip of the Prophet and started praying with it. We went to the hospital with my mother for medical solution to my child’s blindness; along, we went with the Audio Prayer clip on my phone and continued to pray along.

At about 2AM, my son woke up and walked up to my mother and said; “Granny, why are you not asleep?” My surprised mother grabbed him, examined him to be sure what she was seeing was real. It was real. She exclaimed and called to everybody around to come and bear witness to what had happened to her grandchild.

I joined the small crowd to see why my mother was shouting. She was holding my son; “See, he has regained his sight!” She continues to shout with excitement.

I took him into my arms and asked him if he could see. He nodded his head and everything I presented to him, he saw them all!

“Can you see me?” I asked him.

“Yes, I can see you, Dad.”