“Emmanuel! My name is Eunice Walker. In 1993, I was involved in a car accident in Botswana. I was injured in my spinal cord and had 11 rib fracture. Although my ribs were healed, my back continued to hurt ever since the accident. When I moved from Botswana to USA, my Sister in Botswana told me about The SCOAN.

“In 2017, we flew to Lagos to visit The SCOAN. I could not sit down for a long flight or sleep well due to the terrible back pain from the car accident. We arrived in Lagos and went to a hotel. When we arrived, the only room available was on the third floor. I begged them to move me to the first floor but they had no more rooms available. When we went to The SCOAN on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to receive Morning Water and then returned to our hotel.

“Upon arrival, my husband and I prayed and he anointed me on my back with the Morning Water. We had already planned to buy some food and fruits, so the cab arrived and we left to the supermarket far from where we stayed. On the journey, I fell asleep like a baby! When we arrived, my husband woke me up, we shopped and got back into the cab. I fell asleep again  and we soon arrived at the hotel.

“Guess what? I climbed the stairs like it was nothing! When I got to our room, I told my husband – my back is healed! He told me he had already realised from the way I slept in the vehicle to and from the supermarket! By the time we attended the church service at The SCOAN, I was already healed! Thank You, Jesus! From that time until now, I have never taken any pills for my back. Glory be to God!”