“Emmanuel! Hello people of God! My name is Ruffina Rena. I am from Marshall Islands but reside in the United States. I had a sore throat and lump in my neck which caused me to barely eat and hardly breathe.

“I discovered Emmanuel TV through YouTube in 2019. One night, I couldn’t sleep because of how painful and dry my throat was to the point that I thought I was going to die. I wept, prayed and asked God to heal me. I then opened YouTube and clicked on ‘Powerful Healing Prayer’ from Emmanuel TV and prayed along with TB Joshua.

“During prayer, I repented from all of my sins and asked Jesus Christ for His forgiveness, healing and deliverance. After praying, I realised that I could breathe very well and I no longer felt the dryness or pain in my throat. I thanked Jesus for His forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. So, I went back to sleep with ease.

“The next day while I was eating my breakfast, I noticed that I could digest very very well like nothing was going on because the lump that was in my neck had gone! I wept and thanked Jesus for His love and kindness. Since then, I have never experienced these kind of sicknesses. I sincerely thank you TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team for your prayers and words of encouragement. Emmanuel!!”