Good morning fellow sons and daughters of love and Emmanuel TV family. My name is Annastazia Ngoma from Zambia. I would love to share my testimony concerning what God has done for me through the medium of Emmanuel TV.

It happened that I woke up one morning with a painful left hip. By evening, I could not even stand up by myself as the pain became very excruciating. The pain continued for a month and spread to the whole leg which ultimately swelled up and became as hard as a rock. It affected me in that I could no longer stand or walk by myself or do any house chores. My husband and my sister carried me to the toilet, bathed me and did all the house chores.

I visited the local clinics and the doctors tried all they could but to no avail. All they advised was that I needed to pray hard as they couldn’t diagnose the problem through tests and scans. I also tried the herbal remedies that many people recommended but to no avail too.

One day, I decided to pray with the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua and touched the screen of Emmanuel TV by faith. That same day, Prophet T.B Joshua appeared to me in my dreams. He prayed for me and assured me that I would not die. “I command that poison in your body out!” – he declared in the dream and then poisonous fluids gushed out of my leg through the spot that was paining the most. After that prayer, in the dream my leg was dry and pain free.

“As I woke up in the morning, what happened in the dream manifested physically! My leg was indeed free from pain and I could stand on my two feet and walk again to the glory of God! Now, I am healed, saved and redeemed in Christ Jesus. To God be all the glory. Emmanuel!!!”