“The grace of God is sufficient for us all. Emmanuel! My name is Ms. Mighty Mmolawa, a 50-year-old from Botswana. My testimony goes like this: I have been suffering with lower abdominal pains for more than five years and these pains were really severe on my right abdomen. The whole of my waist will also be very painful, especially if I stood up for long or did small chores in my house.

“Sometimes, if I wanted to urinate, I would feel heat like fire on my waist and bladder. Despite the severe pains in my bladder, my urine was always normal in colour. On 5th August 2019, I went to the gynecologist for checkup as i was going through these pains. When I got there, I found that the doctor was not there and she would available ‘til the end of August. I then discovered that one of my friends had the privilege of getting an invitation to come to The SCOAN on 7th August 2019 – because we always shared the goodness of our lord Jesus Christ together.

“This lady told me about her invitation and I said, ‘Thank You, Lord,’ because I knew that solution had come for me! I printed a coloured photo of myself and my family. My faith was that – as long as my family’s photo would enter that holy ground – our lives would never be the same! On Sunday 11th August 2019, I returned from my church service here in Botswana and my 13-year-old daughter (who loves watching Emmanuel TV) told me that she saw the lady whom I gave my photos receiving prayer from Prophetess Yinka. I immediately declared, ‘Thank You, Lord for healing me. I later reviewed the service on YouTube to see my deliverance! I saw where the lady was being delivered by Prophetess Yinka and she was holding my picture. As the lady received a touch from Heaven, the evil spirit within her she manifested!

“She later told me that she didn’t know where the photos went – up until the time she came back to Botswana. I knew it was done, in Jesus’ name! Then, on Monday 12th August, when I woke up, my body was very light with no pains! It was around 11 am when I urinated and I discovered my urine was a strange greenish colour – as you can see in the image. I said to myself, ‘Indeed, distance is not a barrier! This woman of God only touched my photo and I received my healing!

“I can now do my house cleaning and washing with ease. I can stand up for a long time without any pain whatsoever! Glory be to God! Since then, I also have peace of heart! I am delivered; I am free, in Jesus’ name! My word of encouragement to the whole world is this – have faith in God and believe! Let’s put our trust in Him; He is our LORD and Saviour! Emmanuel!!!”