Good Morning and Win today, brothers and sisters,

I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Lord, I want to thank you for being faithful to me in the past and now, and for securing my destiny.

I have always wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, but this was not fruitful due to financial difficulties coupled with the fact I did not have an Accountancy Training Provider; I had been unable to train to become an accountant.

They are in the past now.

God is faithful and I know that He had seen the desire in my heart for so many years. Praise the Lord.

On 04/01/22, I was offered a three-year training contract as a trainee accountant, with all my exams and training fully funded by my employer!

I studied extremely hard for my exams, while being willing and ready to learn in the office and apply the theory into practice.

I sat for the first exam on the 04/02/22 and received the result the next day showing a fail. The result was difficult to accept but I had to accept it, but deep within I told myself that result was unacceptable because, according to T.B. Joshua, The Best Is Yet To Come.  And I so much believed in that best that was yet to come and would not be content with the failure that stared at me in the face.

I prayed over it and studied for my ACA qualification independently.

I knew at that moment that as long as I had – still do- God on my side, failure and defeat were not and should not be part of me.

Thank you, Jesus for making me a qualified Chartered ACA Accountant!


Just keep the faith aglow with and in God.