“Emmanuel! Good morning, people of God, My name is Mr. Timothy Ekokota; I live in Abuja but I am originally from Delta State, Nigeria.
My son Timson Ekokota was plagued with the issue of bedwetting that defied all solutions!

“Last year in June 2018, I visited The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos Nigeria. I was privileged to be blessed with the New Morning Water amongst other faith-building items from Prophet TB. Joshua.

“When I got back to Abuja I prayed with my family I anointed everyone including my house and its surroundings. After receiving this anointed materials, Timson stopped bedwetting! Till date, we observed him from time to time and behold – the bedwetting never occurred again, even when he takes much water before bed. I am so grateful to God and also to Prophet T.B. Joshua for submitting himself to be used by the Lord. EMMANUEL!!!!”