“Good morning! My name is Edward Manda. I recently successfully completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at 63 years old. Initially, I enrolled for the MBA program in 2004, then sat for the three subjects which I passed. However, I could not continue due to lack of funds.

“I then got a job in Europe and was kept so busy that it was difficult for me to continue. I then started to watch Emmanuel TV and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, touching the screen by faith. In 2015, I called the college to enquire about re-enrolling and – by the grace of God – I was allowed to enroll even after a break of 10 years! I took a break from my work in Dubai so as to complete the MBA.

“What followed was a set of events really designed for me to complete my Masters degree! It was really God’s work! Throughout this process, I kept on ministering my Morning Water and the path was made easy for me! To the glory of God, I have now completed my MBA! On top of that, I also managed to be issued my Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence. I have faith that God will give me the job He has kept for me – for my breakthrough and destiny!”