Emmanuel! My name is Charity Mwaka. During this period of Coronavirus, I really struggled with evil thoughts – suicidal thoughts in particular. I couldn’t talk about this with anyone. I felt so worthless.

I then had a dream in which three satanic agents had wanted to throw me into a grave in the ground. In that dream, I sang some Gospel songs which are common in my country but nothing happened – it didn’t affect them. I then began to sing the anointed song – ‘Sin’s power over me is broken’ in the dream and then all three of fell into the grave they wanted to throw me in! Glory be to God! Ever since that encounter, I haven’t had any suicidal thoughts!

I also thank the God of TB Joshua for I completed my exams with good results. I remember sending prayer requests whenever I faced challenges with my studies. I had trouble with maths but God turned that around and it even became one of my favourite subjects during exams. I remember losing hope, especially in biology. However, I continued to pray with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV after checking my results, they exceeded all my expectations! Thank You, Jesus!