“Good morning Emmanuel TV family! My name is Jianli Wu from USA. I returned to my country from visiting SCOAN on July 23rd.  I arrived at home safely with all my blessings given by God through SCOAN!

“During the Live Sunday Service on 21/07/2019, Prophet TB Joshua prophesied that I should pray against suicide which had tormented my life. He said my grandfather committed suicide. I had escaped once and had wrote notes about it. I confirm the prophecy is 100% true! I had never told anybody out my family of the suicide of my grandfather because of the unbearable shame. Even my parents have never talked about this event anymore after they buried my grandfather 30 years ago. But God knows everything! He pointed out the root problem of my life through Prophet TB Joshua and delivered me from that generational curse.

“Since then I’ve seen the doors being opened widely for me, to prepare me, equip me in terms of professional career and personal characters, in order to help people who are sick, who are in need. The day right after coming home, I received an email which informed me that I have been accepted to the local university of master degree in nursing program. More than that – four days after coming back from SCOAN – I got an informal interview with one of the nurse managers from our local hospital where I work in as a registered nurse. She suggested that I submit a transfer application so that I can be transferred to her unit where I will receive more training and improve in all sorts of skills in terms of nursing care. Praise God. Emmanuel!”