”Men come to me and propose marriage. But few months to the wedding, they call it off. This happened thrice. It came to a point that friends began to use my name whenever they gave examples of people who had survived several disappointments. It was very humiliating. When the second case happened, I had to change my job because I could not put up with the shame. Even my parents and family thought I was cursed. I met another man in April 2016. He proposed to me, saying we should get married June 2016. We had barely started planning, when we began to have issues. I knew clearly that there was a problem and that I needed God’s intervention. I sent a prayer request to the Emmanuel TV team, desiring God’s hand upon my life. I held on to 1 Peter 5: 10. I prayed with the scripture and used the Morning Water my dad brought from the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Thereafter, my fiance told me: “I can’t wait to make you my wife.” He could not sit still; he was so restless until July 28, 2016 when he made me his wife. Today, my name has changed from Ms Gertrude Meyer to Mrs. Gertrude Vandy. I give God all the glory! Emmanuel!”