“Good Morning and Win today! My name is Mr. Denis Jamba Sunday from Douala-Cameroon. Actually, my Testimony is long overdue! I suffered from a very painful internal Pile for so many years. It was a hereditary problem for all male children in my family. In April 2014, after coming back from a long trip, I had serious pains in my rectum. The pile was so bad that if I even smelled pepper, for several hours after that, I would be in trouble – especially when visiting the toilet.

By God’s grace, my mother-in-law was present and noticed the pains I was in. She encouraged me to pray with faith and believe that I would receive my healing in Jesus Christ’s name. We prayed and she ministered the Morning Water from Prophet TB Joshua in my mouth and declared healing upon my life!

Going to sleep in pains that night, I had an encounter, where the Man Of God/ God’s General -Senior Prophet TB Joshua – came in my dream and called me by my name. He said, ‘Denis, DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?’ He then asked again, ‘DO YOU BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST CAN HEAL YOU?’ I said, ‘Yes!, I do believe.’ He then said, ‘OPEN YOUR MOUTH’. I did. In the dream, he then poured the Morning Water into my mouth and declared: ‘YOU ARE HEALED IN JESUS CHRIST’S NAME’.

I woke up the next morning and the excruciating pains I had the previous night were all gone. Brethren, as I write to you at this moment, I have not experienced pile any longer since April 2014. Glory be to God! In fact, I am now a fervent pepper eater and also enjoy all kinds of hard food that I couldn’t eat before!

Many thanks for sharing this testimony to the whole world. Emmanuel!!!”